This web site contains information on income and expenditures registered by the royal treasuries of the Spanish Crown in America from the sixteenth century down to 1824. The information was collected by a research project directed by professors Herbert Klein y John J. TePaske and involving diverse collaborators. We wish to thank them for this contribution to historical research. The Excell forms we have elaborated allow for research as well exercises by professors and students of Spanish American fiscal history. It should be noted that this data base should be complemented with the more detailed information on fiscal branches in the numerous archives of Spanish America and Spain.

The basic source for this web site are the volumes edited by HERBERT S. KLEIN Y JOHN J. TEPASKE, THE ROYAL TREASURIES OF THE SPANISH EMPIRE IN AMERICA, 16TH-18TH CENTURIES and originally published by the INAH in Mexico (1982 and 1985) and by Duke University Press (1986-1898). We thank the authors for permission to present this great data base on line for use by the academic community in cooperation with the library of El Colegio de México.

What we have done here is to put the original fiscal series into Excell files which may them easier to consult and use, and we hope that links can be established by other academic institutions to facilitate widespread use, including for example, the Mexican economic history association,

We have also included both the English textos of Klein y TePaske to the different volumes of historical statistics of the Spanish American royal treasuries as well as Spanish translations.

The present web site has involved collaboration of a number of people including Lic. Irasema Infante, Ing. Abelardo Herrero Pérezrul and Ing. Jorge Rolando Rodríguez Ariano. Erika Márquez was the person chiefly in charge of putting the files into Excell forms and we thank her for this laborious task. Eduardo Rivero has designed the new search engine and most of the site. Professor Ernest Sánchez Santiró has assisted with his expert advice. Finally, we also wish to thank professor Sergio Serrano Hernández for developing the historical maps and translations of various texts in this site.


Dr. Carlos Marichal

Centro de Estudios Históricos, El Colegio de México. 

ExPresidente, Asociación Mexicana de Historia Económica .